Wag Walk & Run 2014

Scott, Seva, and I ran the 5k at the Wag, Walk, & Run this year. The weather was gorgeous. Seva was in the lead the entire 5k–I don’t mean leading the race. I mean she was out in front of me and Scott the whole way. She sets our pace when we run! She and I participated in the demo after the run and her Snuggle was awesome.

Wag Walk Run 2014

Me & Seva before the big run.


Wag Walk Run 2014

Scott & Seva


Runners gathering at the start line.

Runners gathering at the start line.


wag walk run 2014

Post run, happy puppy!




Wild Kingdom

What happens when Seva’s big brother comes for a visit? Pandemonium!


Seva and Percy

Seva and Percy


This is Percy on the right. He’s two-years-old. He and Seva are both from Lola litters, so he’s Seva’s half-brother.


This is how they got acquainted on their first night together.


Seva is the instigator. Percy is the growler.


Seva is still the fastest dog around!

Seva is still the fastest pup around.

Seva is still the fastest pup around.


And nobody gets to a ball faster!

Look out ball, here comes Seva!

Look out ball, here comes Seva!


There is one race that Percy wins every time!


Having Percy with us for a few days has confirmed what we always suspected: Seva is a little butt-kicker. She’s happiest when she’s rough-housing and doesn’t know when to stop. Percy’s just a big lap dog, happy to have his chin in somebody’s lap, but then Seva jumps on him and chews his face. Seriously, she’s the trouble-maker.


Seva the kangaroo

Seva the kangaroo


This is why I call Seva a kangaroo. This dog loves to catch air!





How to Tire Out Seva in 5 Easy Steps

1. Take Seva for a car ride downtown with lots of traffic and people to watch.

2. Visit the Sculpture Garden at the Walker Art Center. (Don’t let the snow fool you, this is April 19th!)


At the Walker Sculpture Garden.


The constant hum of traffic from 394 and I94 bothered Seva and made it hard for her to focus. We had fun anyway, and then saw a big fish.


Under the big fish in the Cowles Conservatory.


3. Do some super public training! The mental stimulation helps to tire the dogs, though it’s obviously not the same as physical work.


In a Drop.


4. Take Seva on a 3 mile walk on the Southwest Corridor trail.

5. While on the walk, allow her to do 5 full-speed sprints.



I had just jogged down the trail, so I sound a bit out of breath. Seva broke away from Scott–you just can’t contain that enthusiasm–right before I hit record.

And then, after packing all that into a puppy’s day, she might take a nap!


Tired Bear.



It’s Her Birthday!

March 19, 2013

The Birthday Girl


Seva is one today!

We celebrated her birthday with song and dance. (Okay, we didn’t really dance, but sometimes when we play, we run through the house and Seva jumps and it’s kind of like a dance.)


I can eat that.


Seva got a present, just like all good puppies should. She had to Drop and Wait until I said Release. Release was her cue that she could tear open her present.


Seva Opens Her Present


It wouldn’t be a party without a clown and a photographer! I guess I was the clown. I knocked over Seva’s bowl of Joe’s Os (her favorite treat) and it was pandemonium for a while. Scott was the photographer, as usual, and we played and played and played with Seva’s new balls!


Here Comes the Ball


Got It!


Seva’s deep concentration would blow you away.




After lots of catch, she got a bowl of her favorite food, Cheesy Rice.


And that, my friends, is how you celebrate a puppy’s first birthday!


Minnehaha Falls

On Saturday, we celebrated the gorgeous fall weather with a trip to Minnehaha Falls. Seva was a champ. She hiked a good 2 miles, went up and down stairs, met a few strangers, and had her first drinking fountain drink!

A rather dry Minnehaha Falls

One of Scott’s beautiful photos.


Me & Seva

Isn’t she smart in her blue backpack?


Seva hiking in the woods

Follow the leader.


Scott & Seva

Resting near a very dry creek.


A well-earned drink at the fountain!

This was fun. Who knew if you stand up at this gray pole you get a drink?


Taking Home the Gold!

That’s right, folks, last night was the Helping Paws Summer Olympics! You may have seen it on the 10:00 news. 4, 5, and 11 had cameras there. Here is KSTP’s coverage, featuring Walter. WCCO covered the Puppy Swim, and you can see Seva in the blue gentle leader here! Seva competed in two events, the Puppy Swim and the Puppy Dash.

International Relations

The dogs formed 4 teams: Australia, Canada, France, and Tanzania. Here we are lining up before the Opening Ceremonies, promoting international peace amongst canines and humans. The event was a fun way for the dogs and trainers to show off their skills to their many benefactors.

Team Canada

Seva receives a pep talk before the big event from one of her more experienced teammates. “OK, kid, here’s the deal: stay in line, don’t eat things off the floor, and no matter what happens, keep that tail wagging!”

Seva’s first event was the Puppy Swim. She competed against her littermates. Each puppy took a corner and was released to race into the pool. First one with four paws in the water got the gold.

The Puppy Swim

They didn’t exactly race in. This thing? Looks like a giant water bowl. Roger, Storm, Seva, and Alta (left to right) consider the pool. After a few minutes, Storm climbed in to take the Gold! She had a blast splashing around while Seva and Roger wrestled outside the pool. Eventually, Roger put two paws in the pool and won the Silver. Seva brought home the Bronze, even though all she did is take a drink!

Storm takes the Gold!

Seva’s next event was the Puppy Dash. Now, you already know Seva is fast. You’ve seen the action shots in this blog.

Puppy Dash

Seva, Storm, and Roger race to their trainers. The judges are to my left–both human and canine because we believe in checks and balances.

Instant Replay

And we have a winner! Roger and Storm raced in the second heat for Silver and Bronze.

The Awards Ceremony

The Puppy Dash medalists: Seva on Gold, Roger on Silver, and Storm on Bronze.

Seva and me

The proud pup displays her medals and her coach!

The intrepid photographer

The man behind the camera! And behind him, a tired out puppy ready to head home.

Training for next year has already begun. Do you think there will be competitive “Shake”?