Wag Walk & Run 2014

Scott, Seva, and I ran the 5k at the Wag, Walk, & Run this year. The weather was gorgeous. Seva was in the lead the entire 5k–I don’t mean leading the race. I mean she was out in front of me and Scott the whole way. She sets our pace when we run! She and I participated in the demo after the run and her Snuggle was awesome.

Wag Walk Run 2014

Me & Seva before the big run.


Wag Walk Run 2014

Scott & Seva


Runners gathering at the start line.

Runners gathering at the start line.


wag walk run 2014

Post run, happy puppy!




Wag Walk & Run

On May 20th, 2012 Scott and I will be running a 5k to support Helping Paws. You can make a tax deductible pledge to sponsor my run here. All pledges go directly to Helping Paws.

Scott and I after a training run.

Scott and I are excited to be foster parents of a bouncing Golden Retriever puppy this spring! Over the next 2 1/2 years, we’ll be responsible for training and socializing the dog. This is a truly life changing way to help someone, both for us and the recipient of the dog! We can’t wait to support Helping Paws by running the 5k on May 20th, and I hope you’ll support Helping Paws by making a tax deductible pledge.