It’s Her Birthday!

March 19, 2013

The Birthday Girl


Seva is one today!

We celebrated her birthday with song and dance. (Okay, we didn’t really dance, but sometimes when we play, we run through the house and Seva jumps and it’s kind of like a dance.)


I can eat that.


Seva got a present, just like all good puppies should. She had to Drop and Wait until I said Release. Release was her cue that she could tear open her present.


Seva Opens Her Present


It wouldn’t be a party without a clown and a photographer! I guess I was the clown. I knocked over Seva’s bowl of Joe’s Os (her favorite treat) and it was pandemonium for a while. Scott was the photographer, as usual, and we played and played and played with Seva’s new balls!


Here Comes the Ball


Got It!


Seva’s deep concentration would blow you away.




After lots of catch, she got a bowl of her favorite food, Cheesy Rice.


And that, my friends, is how you celebrate a puppy’s first birthday!



2 thoughts on “It’s Her Birthday!

    • Thanks, Susan. Scott gets photo credit, of course. I was just the ball tosser. And Seva is a beautiful girl, isn’t she?

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