Look: A Training Video

One of Seva’s recent commands is Look. It tells her there is something nearby I want her to find and retrieve.

In this video, Scott hid a set of keys in a store. Seva and I walked into the aisle and I gave her the command Look.

She looks for the keys and when she spots them, I say Get It.

She picks up the keys, and I say Give.

She puts them in my hand.

What if she didn’t know what to pick up? I would use the cues That’s It, Leave It, and/or Try Again to direct her to the right object. It’s kind of like playing Hotter/Colder and the tone of my voice does most of the work.



Making Fun

Sometimes an only puppy has to make her own fun!


Seva invented this ball game. One of the rules is that you only approach the chair from under its arm, never the front side!



Seva will run away to avoid getting sprinkled by the normal sprinkler, so we were surprised to see this one turned into a wild game!