Making Fun

Sometimes an only puppy has to make her own fun!


Seva invented this ball game. One of the rules is that you only approach the chair from under its arm, never the front side!



Seva will run away to avoid getting sprinkled by the normal sprinkler, so we were surprised to see this one turned into a wild game!



Small Dog Big Voice

Just last week, Scott was telling people that our dog never barks. Never. Or almost never.

No, she found her voice recently and we think it’s adorable when she barks because this little girl puppy has a deep growly bark. She typically barks a few times and is done.

Today, she watched the garbage truck come by and has been carrying on for over ten minutes. This is new, and despite showing her that the garbage truck is long gone, she can’t seem to settle down. The vibrations from construction behind our house don’t help any.

Now the question is: how long can I put up with Barky McBark Bark?



Micro Blog #2

• On June 14th, Seva weighed 22 lbs, officially doubling her weight since we got her on May 11th. Of course, now she weighs 27.5 lbs.

• Some of Seva’s well-earned nicknames: Bear: she looked remarkably like a little polar bear when we brought her home. Especially when she ran and her rear end swung side to side. Berserker: she, like all toddlers, has two speeds, berserk and crashed. Bitey McBite Bite: self-explanatory. Dingo: like Bitey McBite Bite, but with jumping and pawing, not to mention the lunge and grasp with teeth!

• Scott and I avoid disposable everything. A single roll of paper towels lasts us 6 months. Well, it did before the dog. We went through 6 rolls in 5 weeks. Yikes! Can you say, “house training”?

• We now think Seva is house trained! We’re going on two weeks without an accident.

• This dog is sun-phobic. She will watch a tossed ball to see where it lands, and only chase it if it lands in the shade. I’m not kidding!

• Prepare to be bowled over by the cutest bear around!

Fluffy baby bear. 8 weeks.

She still looks like a bear! 14 weeks.

(Thanks, Scott, for the great action shots!)