Welcome to Skoghall!

Ever wish you could ask an author

how the writing is going?


Or where that idea came from?


Or how long something really took?


On this page, I’ll keep you up-to-date

on the latest developments as I write

the Skoghall Mystery Series.


And if you have a question, just let me know.

I’ll answer it.

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The Skoghall Mystery Series

After a messy divorce, Jessica Vernon starts her life over in the rural arts community of Skoghall, Wisconsin—investing everything she has in her dream life. She moves into an old farmhouse with visions of writing a successful novel, walking fields with her new Golden Retriver, Shakti, and having intellectually stimulating conversations at cocktail parties with the local creatives. But the house needs work, the puppy is difficult, and the locals aren’t exactly welcoming, especially the murdered woman haunting her new home. Jessica won’t last long in Skoghall, unless she can put her ex-husband and a few terrifying ghosts to rest!