A Stone’s Throw

A Novel

Two-time Pushcart Prize nominated author, Alida Winternheimer, delivers a story of love and longing in A Stone’s Throw.

Simona Casale is a Minneapolis painter with a successful career. Having never known her mother, the last thing she wants is a baby, and being at a pivotal moment on her artistic path, it’s a bad time to find out she’s pregnant. Gemma Ledbetter, a London homemaker, is desperate for the baby she can’t have.

Simona and Gemma live an ocean apart and never meet, yet they have much in common: art, longing, and a magic that changes both of their lives. And then there is Peter, the man they love. Magic, like any great act of creation, comes at a price…and one of them will have to pay.

Art. Love. Magic.