Not Writing

Alida lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota with her daughter and The Wonder Dog, Seva (see photos).

She has trained a Helping Paws service dog to one day help a person with a physical disability lead a more independent life; however, due to severe allergies, Seva was not able to be placed. Alida and Seva are a demo team for Helping Paws. See The Wonder Dog Blog.

She has taught classical Raja Yoga for over 10 years.

She’s been to Switzerland, France, Zimbabwe, Botswana, South Africa, India (see photo), and Mexico.

She loves cycling and kayaking, hiking and camping. She also takes kung fu lessons with her daughter (see photo).

Dark chocolate and homemade chai sustain her in her writer’s den.

Alida rode a motorcycle for a few years (see photo), but traded it for a kayak in 2013. It was a good trade.

She enjoys book-making and sewing, but rarely has time for such things. She does bake regularly.

If she had the time and money, she would take up pottery, or photography, or glass blowing.

In 2010, she hiked up Mount Massive in Colorado. It was an epic trip, complete with a lightning storm on the descent. Very scary.

She attracts animals and often hand feeds them–especially squirrels and ducks (see photo).

Crocodiles and sharks freak her out.